to the AR world

Post any digital content to the real world like virtual grafitti!
Whether it is a text on your neighbor’s house or a selfie on a famous sight, every user
will find your content just like you left it.

RealNote Screenshot

Leave Messages

Through RealNote you see more than everybody else! Leave Augmented Reality messages in the real world for your friends to find or post images at public sights and see who finds them.

Create AR Videos

Capture the moment and create a unique AR video or AR picture. Share your experience with your friends and followers on social media and impress them with our Augmented Reality models.

Discover the World

You can find notes anywhere in the world. By browsing our map, you can discover your friends notes and the notes of every user on RealNote!

Discover Next Level AR

By using AI algorithms Real Note can persistently augment the world with virtual user content. Experience what AR and Real Note enables its users to do with their surroundings.

"Great app and lots of fun.
I love the geotagging and seeing what's around you and around the world."

– Rich Kepo
PlayStore 2020